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RIMOWA wins court case for damages against the company

Cologne, 03/09/2015 – On 31st August luggage manufacturer RIMOWA won legal proceedings against the proprietor of the ‘Rowana’ brand, thus laying down another marker in the defence of the trademark.

The IP Court in Taipei recognised RIMOWA as a well-known brand that is under special protection. The court judgement declared that the logo of the opposing party was inspired by the RIMOWA logo. This was believed to cause confusion amongst customers, which could in turn weaken the trademark of the better known brand, RIMOWA. Accordingly, the court ordered the company to cease to use the Rowana logo with an oval frame and to pay RIMOWA damages of TWD 3,357,000 (approx. €91,487).

RIMOWA sees this result as a clear victory in the battle against the violation of industrial property rights, which it will continue to fight in the future. The groove design is also a distinguishing feature of the brand which, thanks to the successful marketing strategy, has already gained significant renown. RIMOWA also continues to defend this core part of its brand identity against infringers.

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