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Prime Day Countdown

On July 10th, from 12:00 PM to midnight on July 11th, we orchestrated an electrifying final Prime Day countdown with a citywide takeover in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. This event encompassed an Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign, featuring spectacular projections on various locations in these cities, unveiling a QR code that materialized at the stroke of midnight. This QR code led to a landing page on, offering access to the highly anticipated "door-busting" deals and a chance to win one of three unique Prime Moments. To maximize the campaign's impact we collaborated with four top-tier influencer in each city, they were present at midnight when the QR code materialized, subsequently sharing this captivating moment on their personal social channels. These influencers included Roxanne Kwant (246K followers), Bas Smit (843K followers), Qucee (896K followers), and Bram Krikke (1M followers). Leveraging their substantial social media reach, these influencers generated significant excitement and anticipation among their followers, driving engagement around the Prime Day countdown.


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