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'Thank You Teacher' with One4all

In July, we launched the Thank You Teacher campaign for One4all in the Netherlands, introducing this innovative concept to the Dutch audience. Our primary goal was to discover the types of tokens of appreciation that primary school teachers in the Netherlands truly value as the school year comes to a close. Our underlying hypothesis centered on the idea that teachers would have a preference for receiving unique, personalized thank-you gifts rather than the conventional choice of flowers. To enhance the appeal of our research and capture the interest of journalists, we utilized the survey data to create a compelling press release specifically tailored for lifestyle media. The press release was aptly titled "Flowers are passé: Teachers want original tokens of appreciation," injecting a captivating newsworthy angle into the campaign. Additionally, we established a collaboration with brand ambassador Nicolette Kluijver, harnessing her influence to share her personal story about her children and their experience with the Thank You Teacher concept. This narrative was disseminated through a series of interviews with various media outlets, further amplifying the campaign's visibility and reach.


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