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Amazon opens largest Ugly Christmas Jumper Store

This Holiday season Amazon opens the largest Ugly Christmas Jumper Store in the Netherlands. The store includes a limited Edition Ugly Christmas Jumper designed by Dries Roelvink, whereby the proceeds are donated to the Prinses Máxima Centrum. For the grand opening of the online store and the reveal of the limited edition jumper, we hosted an exclusive fashion show for press, influencers and movers&shakers at Vondel CS, whereby a collection of Ugly Christmas Jumpers where shown, and Dries Roelvink revealed his own Limited Edition. Guest were e.g. Telegraaf, Linda, Cosmopolitan, AndC, ELLE, FashionChick, Grazia, Elegance, Bas Smit, Amayzine, Britta Maxime, Wiep Broers, with publications in e.g. Fabmama, Grazia, Beaumonde, Metronieuws, ANP, Elegance, MSN and ELLE.


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