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Mother's Day Campaign

One4all gift cards' Mother's Day campaign is rooted in insightful research exploring the dynamics between men and women in their relationships with mothers, with a special emphasis on celebrating and gifting. Our intriguing hypothesis suggests that women have a superior track record in remembering significant maternal milestones, while Dutch men tend to overlook these dates more frequently.

To captivate journalists, we conducted a meticulous, gender-segregated analysis of survey responses, yielding captivating insights. This research serves as the cornerstone for compelling content, perfectly timed for the Mother's Day surge in press releases, with a primary focus on gift-giving and celebration within the lifestyle niche.

In line with our Mother's Day strategy, we infused humor and comedy into our social media campaign, collaborating with well-known social media influencers celebrated for their comedic prowess. This approach ensures that our campaign resonates with a broad online audience.


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