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Pride Sport Date @David Lloyd Clubs

The Pride Sport Date presents an exhilarating opportunity for LGBTQ+ sports enthusiasts to partake in a one-of-a-kind speed dating encounter within the welcoming confines of David Lloyd Clubs in Rotterdam. This gathering encourages participants to combine sports activities with their speed dates, fostering a conducive environment for mutual discovery while breaking a sweat.

Enhancing the evening's charm, a charismatic bartender, recognized for appearances on the popular TV show "First Dates," took on the role of hosting. The event's pinnacle was the meticulously crafted Blaze fitness course, artfully devised by PT Remy Verwey. This exceptional fitness journey offered an invigorating way to establish connections with fellow participants, sharing an active and engaging experience.

As a gesture of our gratitude, all attendees were bestowed with a delightful goodie bag, brimming with a cup, an energy drink, and a day pass, allowing them to carry a piece of the event's vibrant spirit home with them. Notably, the event venue was adorned with a profusion of radiant rainbow-colored balloons at the entrance, bar, and gym, creating a visually striking and all-inclusive atmosphere.


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