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Prime Day Benefit Campaign

Prime Day we set up a campaign focussing on the benefits of a Prime membership, whereby members could win a unique Prime Moment. In collaboration with Rapper Donnie, Nick & Simon, and Bas Smit we created three unique moments for Prime Members to win. Members could win a meet and greet with Rapper Donnie, who was going to bake fries for the whole neighborhood, Nick& Simon would give a private concert and you could win a free pass to all the Amsterdamse Zomer Concerts hosted by Bas Smit. Next to this, we focussed on the best deals during Prime Day. We hosted an editorial tour and surprised influencers at home or at their offices with 5 Prime Day deals. Press and influencers involved e.g. Cosmopolitan, FHM, Manly Mashable, Man-Man, Julie & Marie Reinders, Diesna Loomans, and Sander Bos.


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