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WGSN SS21 Virtual Trend Event

For we created, in cooperation with international trend forecaster WGSN, a virtual event for the Dutch lifestyle media and influencers, inspiring them with the five fresh trends for Spring/Summer 2021.

We organized an interactive livestream trend session. During the event viewers filled in a livestream questionnaire and the results were discussed with our trendwatcher from WGSN in London. In total 32 media and influencers joined the Spring/Summer trend session, e.g. Linda Magazine, Telegraaf Vrouw, Esquire, Vogue, BeauMonde, Cosmopolitan, AndC, Cosmogirl, JFK, Elegance, Happy in Shape, Libelle, Fabulous Mama, Girlscene, Vriendin, NSMBL and Beautify and many more.


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